Day 1 : Monday 10th February 2020 


13:00-14:00     Registration 


14:00-14:30     Introduction : (Salle Lucienne et André Blin) 

P. Le Ber, Director of France Genomique, J F. Deleuze, Director of CNRGH (CEA)


14:30-16:15     Rare and Complex Diseases

Chair: Jean François Deleuze

14:30-15:00     "Integrated analysis of the large-scale sequencing project « MYOCAPTURE » for diagnosis and gene identification in myopathies"

J. Laporte, IGBMC-INSERM-CNRS-Strasbourg University, Illkirch, France


15:00-15:30     "FREX: A general population panel of exomes with ancestries in different regions of France"

E. Génin, INSERM-CHRU Brest-Brest University, Brest, France


15:30-16:15     Keynote: "Quantitative microbiome profiling in health and disease"

Pr J. Raes, VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology, Leuven, Belgium


16:15-16:45     Coffe Break (Foyer bar/Grand Salon)


16:45-18:15     Cancer

Chair: Alain Nicolas

16:45-17:15     "Virus-induced STAT3 signaling is a risk factor for hepatic steatosis and hepato-cellular carcinoma"

J. Lupberger, INSERM-Strasbourg University, Strasbourg, France


17:15-17:45     "Familial breast cancer and DNA repair genes"

F. Lesueur, INSERM-Curie Institute, Paris, France


17:45-18:15     TBC

V. Soumelis, INSERM-Curie Institute, Paris, France


19:00-21:00     Dinner (Grand salon)



Day 2 : Tuesday 11th February 2020




09:30-10:15     Keynote: "The genetic architecture of autismS"

                                      Pr. T. Bourgeron,Pasteur Institute, Paris, France


10:15-12:15     Regulation and Epigenetics

Chair: Jörg Tost

10:15-10:45     "The different ways through which gene expression and cell identity are impacted by NF-Y’s role in establishing a correct chromatin landscape"

A Oldfield, IGH-CNRS-Montpellier University, Montpellier, France


10:45-11:15     Coffe Break (Foyer bar/Grand Salon)


11:15-11:45     "Mechanims of Repression by Polycomb Proteins" 

R. Margueron, Curie Institute-PSL University, Paris, France


11:45-12:15     "Decoding microRNA Mode of Binding and its Regulation"

M. Trabucchi, INSERM-Côte d’Azur University, Nice, France



12:15-14:00     Lunch (Foyer bar/Grand Salon)


14:00-14:30     Rare and Complex Diseases

                       Chair: Jocelyn Laporte

                       "Elucidating the molecular basis of cardiac arrhythmias"

R. Redon, INSERM-CNRS-Nantes University, Nantes, France


14:30-15:15     Keynote: "Implementing a global governance for human genome editing"

Pr H. Chneiweiss, CNRS-INSERM-Sorbonne Université, Paris, France


15:15-18:15     Technologies and Integrative approaches

Chair: Stéphane Le Crom

15:15-15:45     "Building an atlas of the human airways at the single-cell level: From cell droplets to oceans of data”

LE. Zaragosi, CNRS-Côte d’Azur University, Sophia Antipolis, France


15:45-16:15     "Development of brain immune cells: intrinsic factors and microbiota impact"

M. Thion, IBENS-INSERM-CNRS-PSL University, Paris, France


16:15-16:45     Coffe Break (Foyer bar/Grand Salon)


16:45-17:15     "Integrated clinical and Omics approach to Rare Diseases: Unexplored variants, novel genes and oligogenic inheritance in Holoprosencephaly"

M. de Tayrac, IGDR-CNRS- Rennes University, Rennes, France


17:15-17:45     "HPV genomics" 

A. Nicolas, Curie Institute-PSL University, Paris, France


Day 3 : Wednesday 12th February 2020


09:30-10:15     Keynote: "Dissecting the genetic and evolutionary factors driving immune response variation"

Pr L. Quintana – Murci, Pasteur Institute-Collège de France, Paris,  France


10:15-11:15     Cancer

Chair: Fabienne Lesueur

10:15-10:45     "Heterogeneity of rhabdoïde pediatric tumors" 

F. Bourdeaut, INSERM-Curie Institut, Paris, France


10:45-11:15     "The Rare Cancers Genomics initiative unveils a new entity of pulmonary carcinoids and identifies clinically relevant molecular profiles of malignant pleural mesothelioma"

L. Fernandez-Cuesta & M. Foll, IARC-WHO, Lyon, France


11:15-11:45     Coffe Break (Foyer bar/Grand Salon)


11:45-12:45     Regulation and Epigenetics

Chair: Pierre Le Ber

11:45-12:15     "Epigenomic analyses in purified cell populations for personalized treatment decisions in complex human diseases"

J. Tost,CNRGH-CEA, Evry, France


12:15-12:45     "High Resolution Functional and Structural Mapping of the HIV-1 Genome Using Mutational Interference Mapping Experiments (MIME)"

R. Marquet, IBMC-CNRS-Strasbourg University, Strasbourg, France


12:45              End of the symposium




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